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We are Data Systems Technology Solutions, an MSP devoted to using IT as a driving force for business growth and development. We deliver top-tier IT support and recommendations designed for your adapting business environment. Our focus is to partner with you to understand your business, find technology solutions that reach your business goals, and efficiently create a seamless work environment for you and your team – we work with you to provide the most cost-effective support.

Our highly responsive team of IT experts will manage your technology, vendors, and IT projects to ensure your business can work efficiently and without disruption. We partner with you to better your business as a whole, and we believe IT is the perfect tool to do that.

How We Do It

Our primary goal of Managed Services helps you maintain a high-performing, agile IT system. We go beyond the typical vendor relationship as we partner with business and IT leaders in your organization to help you understand how technology can fuel innovation. Our full-service Managed Services team is composed of experts in cloud technologies, security, business continuity, user support, networking, and countless other fields of IT specialties, and we work in partnership with you to understand your unique business goals and challenges and link them to a strategic tech-enabled growth strategy.

Our Leadership Team

Greg McEachern

President & CEO

Brian Hoppe

Chief Technology Officer

Tony Hart

Regional Sales Director


Below are our most often asked questions, but if you have any others, head on over to the Contact Us page and shoot us an email!

What is an MSP?

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider – Managed IT Services to be exact. We assume the role of your dedicated CIO, transforming IT from a necessary evil into a driving force for your business, all at a fraction of the cost of a full IT department. This is what you think of when you hear “outsourcing IT.”

What's the difference in hiring an in-house IT person?

With technology advancing so quickly, IT technicians need to become more and more specialized to do their job well, and this is a problem for small to medium-sized businesses. This means hiring a full-sized IT department just to run your business, which often isn’t feasible, so we provide the solution. So, we’ve put together a list of 6 reasons why outsourcing IT as a growing business is an excellent choice:

1. Hiring entry-level engineers often have more repercussions than benefits – there’s too much they can’t do.
2. Hiring a high-end engineer for short periods of time is expensive, and they often get bored with their work.
3. Even a full-time IT person can’t provide 24/7 service – they get sick, take me off for vacation, and even sleep.
4. Hiring one IT pro inhibits business growth – there is no collaboration or synergy with other staff.
5. On day one, an internal IT department often becomes myopic in their vision of technology, inhibiting growth.
6. Recruiting, training, managing and (eventually) replacing IT staff incurs significant organizational costs.

Why should I outsource my IT?

Just as with any business decision, the decision to outsource your IT services can vary greatly depending on the size of your company. If you are a large enterprise, maintaining in-house IT resources can help you realize significant cost advantages. Enterprise level organizations typically have large budgets necessary to implement advanced IT infrastructures and the cost and offset by the increased productivity their work brings to the business.

At small and medium-sized companies, however, IT departments may cost the company more than they save through productivity increases. Small companies typically have a very simple local infrastructure that does not require enough maintenance or support to justify a full-time position. In these situations, the costs of an in-house IT department can easily exceed product output. Outsourcing IT services can save small to medium sized businesses a considerable amount of money and make it possible for them to level the playing field and better compete with their larger competitors.

What is a "Virtual CIO"?

All companies engage trusted advisors for their business, such as a financial planner or CPA. Similarly, there are times you can use help with IT strategy and operations. That’s where our virtual CIO steps in. An ideal CIO has broad exposure to many different IT environments, technologies and solutions. Whether you’re going through a disruptive company change – such as a merger or acquisition – or merely modifying your IT strategy to match future business needs, a Virtual CIO can be an invaluable resource. Our Virtual CIO’s responsibilities are as follows:

Network and security assessments provide unbiased feedback on configuration and policies
Budgets and staffing, disaster recovery, business continuity, strategic planning
Network design and relocation, comprehensive IT outsourcing/managed service plans
Hosted services/cloud computing/SaaS capabilities, network management, help desk and on-site support
Guidance and accountability for internal IT staff

Why Data Systems Technology Solutions?

At a time when most of the technology needed to run a business network is available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection, IT is almost a commodity. While we are IT experts, what truly sets Data Systems Technology Solutions apart is our focus on making your business better as a whole. We use IT to grow your business by implementing effective solutions; we partner with you to promote growth, minimize risk, and maximize the value of your IT spend.

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